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Vous connaissez la théorie de l'évolution ? 

Voici ce qui se passe, quand on l'applique ... au dessert. 
Une évolution mais est-ce vers un mieux ? 

Vers un bon moment de gourmandise en tous cas ! 
Darwin serait fier de moi ! 

© Saucisseintrinsèque / The Sausage 
2013. Tous droits de reproduction interdits. 
Matériaux fimo, résine, céramique, métal, plastique. 

Collier LE DARWIN DU DESSERT, gâteau miniature

90,00 €Prix
  • Have you ever thought about the theory of evolution? 

    I regularly do. In fact, I absolutely believe in evolution, 
    even though I also believe in God. So I don't see what 
    people are fighting about. 

    One kind of evolution you will like, regardless, is the 
    evolution of my dessert ... 
    It starts off as a full cake, dwindles down to a small slice, 
    and finally an empty plate with a spoon... 

    Empty plate, but full stomach !! Yummm !! 
    My kind of evolution, especially if it's a raspberry 
    and lemon cake ... 

    Arrrgh. Darwin would appreciate it I'm sure !! 

    © The Sausage 
    2013. All Rights Reserved

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