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Miam !! 

Il est 17 heures. 
Vous revenez d'une longue promenade dans le froid glacé !! 
Il vous faut un grand bol bien chaud de chocolat, 
avec une grande tartine de beurre à tremper dedans !! 

Quel réconfort !! Merci Saucisse !! 

© The Sausage
Novembre 2013. Tous droits de reproduction interdits.
bague ajustable. Fimo, résine. Entièrement fait main.

Bague LE GRAND BOL DE CHOCOLAT, tartine miniature

  • With this ring I wanted to sum up what French 
    people normally have for breakfast. 

    These days they eat more cereals and milk, 
    but in most families, they will drink coffee, tea 
    and hot chocolate for breakfast, with "tartines", 
    that is to say large slices of bread or baguette 
    with butter and jam on them. 

    No croissants, no pains au chocolat. 
    That's for Sundays, or special occasions ! 

    Or if you have the best boyfriend, who gets 
    up and goes to the boulangerie every morning 
    for you !! (let's say they're as rare as unicorns).

    Anyway my ring is entirely handmade and the 
    band ring is adjustable. 

    © The Sausage 
    All Rights reserved

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