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Une petite faim, pas de souci, ce petit hamburger gourmand et 

pop art de 1 cm de hauteur devrait caler votre dent creuse !! 

Hi hi ! 

Chomp, chomp, bon appétit ! 


© The Sausage 

Décembre 2011. Tous droits de reproduction interdits 


Boucles d'oreilles ICH BIN EIN HAMBURGER, hamburgers miniatures

24,00 €Prix
  • Have you ever thought, what it would have sounded like, if Kennedy had gone to Hamburg, Germany instead of Berlin ? Or to Frankfurt ? 

    I bet his speech then wouldn't be remembered the same way. "Ich bin ein Hamburger", or "Ich bin ein Frankfurter" would probably have made the headlines too, but for different reasons. 

    Of course, I have nothing to say. As you know, I AM a Frankfurter. Sausages, are not allowed to make fun of hamburgers. Also because they might end up in a hot dog. 

    But anyway, do you like my earrings ? 

    © The sausage 
    All Rights Reserved. Originally created 2011.

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