Une paire de boucles créé avec des perles rouleaux, 

en pâte polymère, au motif tigré et floral. 

Elles sont de toute beauté, comme vous voyez !! 

A assortir avec le collier à nouer perle tigre. 


© The Sausage 

Février 2016. Tous droits de reproduction interdits 

Boucles d'oreilles CHIANG MAI, perles polymères

  • These earrings bear the name of a town 
    I didn't re-visit this time, because I was, er... 
    focused more on ... beaches. 

    Chiang Mai is a super friendly town and 
    pleasant to stay, and a lot of expats live there. 
    It was already like this when I visited it in 
    2007 for the first time. 

    It's a must see town when you visit Thailand 
    because of its perfect location, landscapes, and 
    gorgeous temples. 

    BUT I must warn you. There, it's 25° celsius 
    instead of 35°C. So in other words : COLD. 

    AND, I don't like cold weather !! (Except when 
    warm hugs are given). 

    These earrings are about 3 cm and made 
    with waxed cotton and normal hooks. 

    If you go to Chiang Mai, go there for the 
    Festival of lights : thousands of lanterns 
    sent into the night skies ! A fairy tale. 

    (yes, I love Thailand !!)

    © The Sausage 
    March 2016. All rights reserved