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Hello !! 

Les revoilà, je les ai faites en plusieurs couleurs. 
Pour savoir ce qu'est une garuda, lisez mon commentaire 
sur la paire de boucles d'oreilles garuda noire. 

Celles-ci ont été prises en photo au soleil couchant sur 
une plage de Koh Pha Ngan, en Thaïlande, que je quitte 
aujourd'hui !! 

Des boucles 100% thaï et qui vous invitent au voyage. 

©  The Sausage 
Décembre 2015. Tous droits de reproduction interdits

Boucles GARUDA, masques crétures thaï, rouges

50,00 €Prix
Rupture de stock
  • This is a pair of earrings I really love, and 
    it's going to be hard to let them go ! 
    I need to make myself a pair ! 

    They are really classy when you wear them 
    (note : these have not been worn ! They 
    are new and never worn.) 
    They are perfect for chic occasion, and 
    complete a sophisticated outfit. 
    They're red and gold, but also slightly 
    different as one has orange details and the 
    other pink details. 

    Garudas are mythological creatures, that you 
    can find in hindu religions, and also buddhist. 
    In Thailand, most people are buddhists. 

    The garudas are very present in architecture, 
    especially in the temples, and notably one of 
    the most famous in Bangkok, the royal palace. 
    They are slightly frightening, in their crouching 
    position, but also quite a sight, with their gold 
    and gems scintillating in the sun. 
    You really have to go see for yourself ! 

    Here the earrings only represent their faces. 
    They will also appear in other colors in my shop. 

    Don't hesitate if you have questions about these. 
    I made them while traveling in Thailand in 2015-2016. 

    © TheSausage 
    All rights reserved, December 2015.

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